Monday, September 10, 2012

Shutterfly Photo Book

I LOVE Shutterfly! Seriously, I have made books for every year of my daughter's life, and plan on doing the same for my other children. If you don't know Shutterfly yet, you need to get acquainted!

Here is a sneak peek to my daughter's 2nd year book!

Shutterfly Book!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Butterfly Baby Shower

I had the wonderful opportunity to co-host a baby shower for my sister in law! She has chosen the theme "butterflies" for her sweet baby girl. So we decided to run with that theme for the shower! And I thought everything turned out great! Everything went smoothly. It wasn't too "over the top" to stress us out. It was simple, classic, and cute. 

One of the things I was in charge of was the invitation. I had several different ideas that I came up with. Here are a couple I was deciding upon 
(I took out the actual information so that you could save it and fill in whatever you want, if you want to use it)

I printed the one I chose on a card stock and then they were mailed/handed out

One of the other things I was in charge of was the drinks. Since I lived 2 hrs from the shower and didn't really have time or resources to whip something up from scratch like a punch, I decided to do bottled water. Plus I thought that was be less stressful, no need to refill a punch bowl, etc. Plus like most we were on a tight budget. But of course I didn't want to do a plain water bottle, it had to look cute too! 

So running with the butterfly theme, I made a cute label to put onto the water bottles!
I used this cute butterfly circle and left the top of the circle blank so that the women at the shower could write their name in that area, so we could tell the bottles apart :o)
I used scrapbook scissors to cut them out and give them a cute edge 
I used scrapbook paper that I happened to have (I have a pretty big stash from over the years
I removed the wraps that came on the bottles, and used one as my example, so that I could cut out the same size from my scrapbook paper. I cut mine out a tad bit longer so that I could overlap the ends and glue stick them.
I then used a glue stick to attach the butterfly circle to the scrapbook paper. I put it over the ends that overlapped that way everything would look more crisp.
At the shower we also had cupcakes with butterfly decorations on them. I don't have the template for those because a friend made them. But you could use the same butterfly circle I used for the water bottles, and just cut them out with scrapbook scissors too. Then tape a tooth pick to the back of it and stick it in the cupcake.
 One of the other hosts made this awesome butterfly cake!
Balloons attached to strings hanging from the ceiling. And butterfly cut outs stung across the fireplace.
 I thought the front table turned out GREAT!  
 The food was delish! Besides the butterfly cake and cupcakes, we have butterfly gummie, peanut butter m&ms and pretzels in a bowl (they were suppose to be part of a butterfly dessert I was going to make. I was going to use the m&ms as the body of a butterfly and use pretzels as the wings and attached them all together using icing as the base-which I would chill in the frig the night before the shower so everything would set, but I didn't have time to do it, oh well). We also had a fruit and veggie plate, and an amazing spicy chicken dip that is just plain amazing! I still need to get that recipe from my other sister in law! It was awesome!
Above the gift table one could find these cute butterfly "mobiles". The butterflies were all cut out using a Cricut. 
  I thought the shower turned out great! 
Hope this gives you some ides for the next shower you're throwing! 
Any questions/comments leave a comment! Thanks for viewing!

Coming Soon!

This blog will be an accumulation of different crafts and ideas I have attempted. They are free for your viewing so that you may try at home too! Any questions just let a comment! Enjoy!